Monday, February 1, 2010

A Momentary Pause

After a momentary pause in the project to deal with one of life's curveballs—the closing of my daughter's daycare and the search for a new solution—I am ready to jump right back into the kitchen and get cranking on some more recipe testing. Recipes upcoming up this week: Dutch Cake (1 stick of butter and 1 lb. of brown sugar, mix thoroughly, bake, and proceed to eat the whole pan because this is so damn good); Chicken and Rice Casserole; Mandarin Orange Chicken; and the World's Best Cookie...

Also this coming weekend, some quality time with my mother to really hone in on the recipes that she feels are the most special—the must-includes for the cookbook. I am so looking forward to sitting down with her and the stacks of recipe cards (including those written by my Granny Lula) to listen, learn, and refine the project. I'm so blessed to have the opportunity to learn from an expert!

Thanks for bearing with me...I'm finding that this blog will keep me on track and motivated to keep the project going, mainly because I feel guilty if I don't keep the posts flowing! Wouldn't want to let down my many followers, right?!

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  1. looks great, but how could they close your daughter's daycare????


Thanks for commenting on my post! I really appreciate the input...